Easing technology applications is our vision. Working to make it real is our mission.

What we do

Since 2005 we operate into the ICT sector by investing into the early stage of high potential startups and into making seeding capital investments in selected startups. In some cases we assume operational roles of some departments of the startup through technical or managing professionals that are part of our network in order to help driving the startup, infusing experiences and competences. Our activities are also advisoring and business consulting, for some specific projects we also take it or part of it in outsource management.

How we work

The way EKLETIX operates is a network based model. It has been consolidated over and over the years, and it has the great advantage to be agile and flexible, an effective and efficient model suitable for both large companies and small & medium firms, especially with highly complex projects, and able to drive all the processes from the feasibility study up to the release in production of the solution.


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